With endless paperwork and lots of fine print, the legal framework for building a cannabis businesses is daunting.
Tech Comply helps keep your digital operations clean and compliant.



For cannabis entrepreneurs, compliance is one of the keys to opening markets. Our compliance audits will help your business grow.


Stable Investments

Prosperity relies on longevity. Keep your horses in the race by ensuring they stay on track.



Regulations differ across jurisdictions and change frequently. Our team will handle every detail to help keep your digital assets safely within the legal limits.


We can build and manage all of your online assets so you can focus on your REAL work



Is your online business compliant? Does your digital advertising messaging conform to provincial or local regulations? Can you shift your focus or wording quickly to meet or comply with new or existing rules?


Website Marketing & Promotion

Make the sites in your web network stand out in a crowded marketplace. Tech Comply’s founders are established professionals in the digital marketing field. We have an extraordinary level of experience in developing and marketing online assets. Let us put that experience to work for you and your online businesses.


Web Design & Build / Shopping Cart

Be sure your business website complies with federal, provincial, and municipal regulations, even if those rules and regulations change overnight. We create sharp website and shopping cart designs that stick well within the lines. Tech Comply helps keep your website legal.


Reduce your risk