Digital Asset Compliance Audits for Canadian Cannabis Sector :: Tech Comply

Compliance is basic risk management. The Canadian cannabis industry is on the verge of creating vast wealth for the few who have the ability to build and run their businesses within the legal frameworks established at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. From FINTRAC to online marketing and sales, regulatory compliance will be a critical element in the growth plan of all emerging cannabis businesses.

Tech Comply has a team of certified auditors who examine your online business, communications, marketing and advertising efforts, and in-store messaging to support you in staying compliant with the bevy of federal, provincial, and local regulations governing your business.


Is your online business compliant? Does your paid search and display messaging conform to provincial or local regulations? Are you able to shift your focus, tactics, or wording quickly to meet or comply with new or existing rules? Can you absorb the cost of non-compliance?