Services - Tech Comply

  • Compliance Auditing

    Most audits can be performed off-site through phone calls, checklists, and coaching.
    On-site visits will be necessary for facility audits, GPP/GMP, and ISO audits. The
    details of each audit process will be negotiated with clients during the pre-discovery
    and contract periods stages. In general, audits are procedure based reviews of
    processes, infrastructure, or plans.

    Our auditors will compile lists of laws and regulations relating to every jurisdiction
    your company the clients will be working in using the information provided by your

  • Business Planning and Development

    – Business Consulting
    – Document Drafting
    – Feasibility Consulting
    – Competition Analysis

    Similar to auditing, most business planning services can be conducted remotely.
    Some may require on-site visits – this will be determined in the pre-discovery and
    contact phases.

    Tech Comply’s business consultants will assist you in developing your business and
    its intellectual assets so it remains in compliance with federal, provincial, municipal or
    regional regulations and legislation. This will involve several phone meetings, forms,
    and follow-up research.

  • Website & eCommerce Development

    – Security-focused Website Development
    – eCommerce Development via Shopify

    Supporting security, continuity, and compliance with specific regulations in
    some provincial jurisdictions.

    Our team holds specialty in UX design, user flow, SEO, eCommerce, payment
    gateways, website security, and developing websites for specific target markets.

    Through our parent company, we have completed development projects for several
    corporate entities and are able to provide best-in-class services to the cannabis
    industry in Canada.

    Websites will be developed using a combination of WordPress / Bootstrap, and
    Drupal and will have the most robust security features available.

    Most eCommerce shopping carts will be developed on the Shopify Platform to ensure
    compliance with certain provincial guidelines.

  • Content Creation and Curation

    – Compliance-oriented Content Writing
    – Content Management Services

    There are a number of rules, laws, and regulations around what can and can’t be
    claimed about cannabis or the cannabis industry in website copy. These rules may
    differ in neighbouring municipalities and are frequently different in neighbouring

    Tech Comply’s writers can help your website copy stay in compliance with federal,
    provincial, and municipal laws, restrictions, and regulations. We can keep your
    content up to date and reflective of the best practices and concepts in the industry.
    This service can be conducted as piece work or as a consultancy based service.

  • Digital Asset Management

    – Software Packages & Platform Recommendations and Vetting
    – Establishing Website & Database Security
    – eCommerce Security
    – Digital Analytics
    – Secure Cloud Data Storage
    – Cannabis Focussed Payment Processor

    Your data is your business and virtually all of it is digital. From recommending and
    supporting configuration of your accounting software to structuring your database
    and eCommerce platforms, Tech Comply can safeguard your services while
    providing a robust and accessible set of digital services. We can also provide private
    and secure cloud storage space for people and businesses in the Canadian cannabis

    Our Digital Asset Management services use Privacy by Design as a guiding principle.
    These services are conducted on a monthly basis and involve a number of
    preliminary consultations and monthly meetings thereafter.

  • Search / Social Media Marketing and Management

    – Marketing Consulting
    – SEO Compliant Websites
    – Search Engine Optimization
    – Social Media Marketing and Platform Management

    There are a number of ways to use the Internet, social media, and search engines as
    marketing tools, and it’s easy to run afoul of provincial and federal laws. Founded by
    expert search and social media marketing professionals, Tech Comply can help your
    website and web presence get noticed in a highly competitive sector without violating
    federal and provincial regulations.

    Search and social marketing services are conducted on a 3, 6, or 12 month period
    and involve extensive consultation. After the first engagement period ends most
    services tend to extend on a month by month basis.

  • Global Compliant Privacy Practices and Policies

    – Website and Database Security
    – Privacy by Design
    – GDRP (European Union) Privacy compliance
    – Privacy and Consumer Protection

    Privacy is about keeping information and infrastructure secure. Canada and its
    provinces already have detailed personal and consumer privacy legislation and
    protections. International privacy standards have become increasingly stringent with
    the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    We believe privacy is essential for businesses and consumers, especially as
    cannabis distribution and consumption remains illegal in most international
    jurisdictions. By adopting the basic principles of Privacy by Design, Tech Comply will
    always work to ensure security and data protection is among our first concerns.

    We supply data protection and personal privacy audits and can help businesses
    implement privacy policies and practices that meet stringent global standards. These
    services require a 12-month commitment, after a period of consultations