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In the Canadian cannabis industry the build and design of your website will need to stay well inside the lines of what’s legal while still standing out from the rest. With five figure fines and a threat of jail time for making false claims or for providing or even promoting cannabis products to minors, the federal and provincial governments are demonstrating how thoroughly they intend to police and enforce new regulations after marijuana is fully legalized on October 17.

Tech Comply creates custom and augmented websites, shopping cart builds, and website content for our clients. Our work in both web design and content creation is backed by a team of auditors who specialize in monitoring and tracking compliance in the cannabis industry. The product we design or build to sell your products will conform to all important legal and technical standards including:


  • The laws and regulations of the Government of Canada
  • The laws and regulations of your province and municipality
  • Regional district and health authority regulations
  • Canadian and provincial privacy laws
  • The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • W3C web standards
  • Technical compliance for Google and Bing text and voice search
  • Accessibility for persons with disabilities compliant with Section 255 of the Communications Act (United States)


Tech Comply will build fresh or augment an existing shopping cart in order to support compliance with Canadian or provincial laws. In most cases, we will build using versions of the Shopify E-commerce platform.